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Welcome to my website!

I am an Assistant Professor of Medicine at Boston University School of Medicine and a primary care physician in the Women’s Health Unit at Boston Medical Center (BMC).

My research focuses on integrating sexual and reproductive health care into primary care. I am particularly interested in how we can improve primary care after pregnancy complications associated with future chronic diseases (e.g., to prevent heart disease after preeclampsia). My recent work has used secondary data sources to understand patterns of postpartum risk and follow-up. Soon, I hope to develop interventions that improve primary care follow-up after complicated pregnancies at BMC.

I plan to use this website as a repository for my published work (see “Papers” above) and as a platform to share other research processes/products that others may find useful (coming soon!).

Areas of Interest: Primary care; Chronic disease prevention and management; Pregnancy-related CVD risk; Family planning; Care coordination; Health services research